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Breath easy with our line of regulators, octos and gauges. Best prices in the region!

Conquistador Set - Product Code: SET-2


Code: SET-2

Regulator and Octo with two gauge console, simple and dependable piston-design first stage and very reliable second stage.

Conquistador Console

Conquistador Console

Small and compact, submersible pressure and depth gauges, pressure gauge brass case, pressure gauge in PSI and Bars, depth gauge feet and meters, case material shock resistant, easy to read.

Mustange - Product Code: RG-1002


Code: RG-1002

Diaphragm First Stage, Very dependable work horse.

Warrior - Product Code: AS-104


Code: AS-104

Top of the line Diaphragm. Yoke and Din.

Product Code: AS-103

Code: AS-103

First Stage Balanced Piston, great Working Regulator.

Conquistador Regulator & Din - Product Code: AS-101

Conquistador Regulator
Conquistador Din

Code: AS-101

Piston First Stage, Hardest working regulator in the rental market, very simple to work on.

Warrior - Product Code: AS-201


Code: AS-201

Second stage, balanced, adjustable, new for our inventory.

Din Adaptors: AS-101, AS-102 & AS-104

Din Adaptors

Code: AS-101, AS-102 & AS-104

Regulator Swivel 360 - Product Code: SA-01

Regulator Swivel 360

Code: SA-01

Conquistador Octo - Product Code: AS-203

Conquistador Octo

Code: AS-203

Most dependable second on the market, just keeps on working.

Conquistador Second - Product Code: AS-202

Conquistador Second

Code: AS-202

Most dependable second on the market, just keeps on working.

Din Plug - Product Code: 1016

Din Plug

Code: 1016

Dust Caps - Product Code: 1056

Dust Caps

Code: 1056

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