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Hoses and hoses accessories, for octo's and regulators, almost any lenght, only at Cozumel Scuba Repair

Octo Hose - Product Code: LP-34

Octo Hose

Code: LP-34

34” Octo hose.

Colors: Yellow, Black.

Low Pressure Hose - Product Code: LP-30

Low Pressure Hose

Code: LP-30

30“ Regulator hoses, we have in stock up to 42 feet long. We can order any length you want.

Pressure Gauge Hose - Product Code: HP-32

Pressure Gauge Hose

Code: HP-32

32” High Pressure Hoses, we can order any length you want.

Hose Flex Cover - Product Code: 8056

Hose Flex Cover

Code: 8056

Hose Protector - Product Code: 1040

Hose Protector

Code: 1040

Colors: BL, BK, YL, GN, PK

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